Exam & Evaluation System

    Examination is part of education. It is necessary to evaluate up to what extent the objectives of syllabus has been progressed. evaluated that the extent education in which the objectives of the progressive of the syllabus have been done. This assessment continues throughout the year through written, oral, experimental and inspection methods. Assessment is done for the students overall activities. The following methods will be followed in each subject.

Monthly Exam 20%
Homework 10%
Self-study      10%
Class work (Experiments) 10%
Sessional Exam     50%

    Monthly examination will be held in the form of first and second evaluation, twice in a year and session examinations twice, half yearly and yearly. Practice work, self study and co-syllabus will be evaluated twice a year, as semester examinations. The passing score should be 33% . It is also necessary to pass different examinations throughout the year.